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Those Italian Girls - a romance story - J S Morey takes you to Tuscany

A gentle warning:

As with all my books, 'Those Italian Girls' includes NO explicit sex or violence.


It's for those of you looking to explore real romance in an entertaining, readable way - without being slushy, and without being boring! (I hope!)

'Those Italian Girls' starts at the college dance for Mason and Susie, one balmy summer's evening deep in the Langtons, and the rural setting of the Leicestershire countryside. It's the end of term and they have been avoiding each other for the whole year. But...

Soon we are in Tuscany, Italy within the sun-baked wine growing region. Our two romance-seeking language students begin a life-changing adventure, encountering kindred Italian spirits.

Those Italian Girls...


They savor the charm and warmth of a local family in Volterra, but it is tinged with drama as a young American - Chas - appears, searching for his lost parents but finding tragedy. But also Gina.


But, as many tragedies pan out, there is fulfillment and a bright future ahead - as long as you keep looking.

Which Susie does.

Confused? Don't worry, all will become perfectly clear as the love story c/w murder mystery unfolds.

'Those Italian Girls' also embraces the fascinating culture and heritage of this northern part of the country, but as a back-drop - not a history lesson.

So it's enjoyable and entertaining.


It may even give you the impetus to visit hill towns such as Volterra and Siena - featured here - and other parts of Tuscany steeped in Roman and Etruscan heritage. And sunshine.

Adopting much of the tone of the author's other novels - 'Wild Hearts Roam Free', 'Finding Rose' (and others in the series), it is easy to read.


For journeys and summer reading you may also discover gems in the author's shorter works: in 'Unresolved?'' and 'Read My Shorts' - containing poetry. (See more poems here.)

This romantic drama is the author's eighth book written and released in a flourish of creativity that began during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

What inspired the author: he writes...

"I wrote this as a tribute to coming of age, going to college,suffering the pains and pleasures of first romances, and exploring an unknown world.

It was enjoyable to write and I hope you find it entertaining - nourishing the soul and senses without being too heavy.

And I hope that the prospect of love and murder in Tuscany - as long as they are confined to these pages - does not deter you from visiting the region.

As with my other books, you will visit locations 'virtually' which may inspire you to explore them for real. This approach takes you into many settings and cultures for an escapism element in the story - so often essential for a good read.

There is a touch of romance as the title suggests, but laced with tragedy and then leavened with a healthy feel-good conclusion as the story closes.

My approach to storytelling may be unique in today's world; or perhaps my books slip through the cracks when it comes to categorizing them under the right genre in my Amazon listings.


The one disappointment I do have is where I see my novels lined up within arrays of bodice-rippers and among book covers showing partially-clad 'models' - male and female!


How tacky! My ultimate ambition is to be compared with McMurtry or Salinger, but I may have to wait a while! 


My own literary tastes include The Graduate, as my most favourite movie of all time, and If only I could hit on a style like Damon Runyan - a real ground-breaker.

I have found no poet yet to beat of Robert Frost; also, as a one-time binge reader I read copious Thomas Hardy novels as a teenager; then finally, still a teenager, I devoured all that Steinbeck committed to print.

(I was especially flattered to see one of his books lined up with one of mine as a 'People also bought' choice for recommended reading.)

Meanwhile, I will develop a style where past personal experiences blend with make-believe to strike a happy balance and keep you coming back for more. 

A novel without some real events is just pure fiction. And who needs that?"

J S Morey

As eBook, paperback and hardback on Amazon. Free sample read here...

Romantic drama in the Tuscan town of Volterra

Gina, Elena and Giulia are 'Those Italian Girls' around whom our story revolves and evolves - joined by the British beauty, Susie.


Then Chas and Mason turn up.

Below, is a serene panorama typical of the wine growing Tuscany, just to get you in the mood.

The Tuscan landscape wherein Those Italian Girls beguile and bewitch

Apparently this romance novel falls within the category of 'New Adult'.


What is 'New Adult' as a fiction genre?

Novels featuring those coming of age from, say, 18 years old to perhaps 35 can fall withing this classification.

The books of J S Morey usually fall within this category, enabling you, the reader, to revisit those golden years even if you now fall outside the age bands.

Hopefully, readers of all ages will enjoy this, and other novels - including revisionist western fiction by the author - guys, as well as gals!

It's just one reason for choosing this adventurous author...

NOTE: all books by this romance story writer (and modern western writer) are on Amazon in eBook and Printed formats.

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