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Reviews of 'Finding Rose' - STAR RATINGS

"Nanny Porridge" gave Finding Rose 5 Stars on Amazon


Brilliant read for first time author​

I could not believe this was John Morey's first book. I picked this book as I enjoy books that are easy reading, romance. This didn't disappoint. Once I started it I found it hard to put down as it covered the area in Devon where I live. I could almost feel myself in the story as the description of places were so familiar. Lovely read, I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a happy ending. Hopefully this will not be John's only book and will be looking out for more in the near future.

Denise also awarded 5 Stars

A story about the power of love

Are Rose and John made for each other and, if so, will their destinies bring them together again? Finding Rose is a thoroughly enjoyable romantic novel that leaves you wanting to know more about the characters lives. It's a great first novel and I hope there will be a sequel.

A former Blaby resident writes

I just read The missing years. What a delight it was, I was born in Whetstone in a little cottage next door the the Plaza cinema.

We moved to Blaby shortly after that which is where I grew up. Some of the places mention in the book brought tears to my eyes. The fairground where my Dad took me every year and won me a coconut, the Dog and Gun where we went with our parents on a Sunday afternoon where I would have a pop and a bag of crisps.

I also remember the big house on Lutterworth Rd burning down. Such wonderful  memories. I emigrated to Canada in 1966 and have had a wonderful  life here but Blaby will always be my home, I was there three years ago. I will check on Amazon for the other books.

Editor's note: Thanks 'LY'. This review brought tears to me eyes, too!

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