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READ MY SHORTS - poems and short stories by John Morey

Plus recollections from the Rock and Roll years of the Fifties and Sixties

Poetry and prose to be read at a session - or quicker - from the author of 'Love should never be this hard'

Short stories and poems by J S Morey


Losing a companion can be bearable, as long as you are happy as to where - and why - you have lost them.

Memoir of a Blaby Boy: 1950-1970

At one level, self-indulgent but, look below the surface and the vibrant twenty or so years after the war come vividly to life. A sneak peek into village life long forgotten needs to be preserved and is - here.

The (Rock and Roll Years at the) County Arms

Lest we forget - the mecca for rock and rollers remembered for all time.

Make your choice - eBook, paperback or hardback

NOW AVAILABLE in READ MY SHORTS - a compilation of poems, short stories and memoirs - on Amazon.

If you enjoy read-in-a-session short stories then these Three Easy Pieces may be just what you're looking for.

'The Black Hound of Dartmoor' is the main tale of mystery combined with a haunting and a touch of romance, set in the late 1800's.

It leaves you to decide what is truth and what is legend. But the location is certainly real, capturing and preserving a way of life, much of which has since disappeared.

But not all...

Three short stories by J S Morey

'Love's Too Short' and 'You only Love Once' each explore relationships in a coming-of-age context - one somewhat humorous, the other a rather sad tale but, as ever, ending with a message of hope.

P.S. For those who prefer a longer read, preview those below before you buy...

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