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Self-Publishing -
Key FAQs

Question: What do I need to self-publish?

Answer: Internet access and your book loaded into word processing software on a lap-top or PC ready-to-print. Click here for more...

Question: What computer knowledge do I need?

Answer: Basic skills in formatting text in a word processing programme and an understanding on uploading and downloading files via the internet.

Question: How long does it take to publish a book?

Answer: A 50,000 word novel can be written within a month; allow two weeks for copy-editing and re-writes; after that, allow up to a week for a eBook to be published and two weeks for a paperback or hardback to be available.


Click here for more details on writing your book.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: If you already have a PC or laptop loaded with software the only additional - but optional (not essential) - costs are to have your book copy-edited and for a professionally designed front cover.

(See commission charges below.)

Question: What will a print-on-demand company charge for publishing my book?

Answer: Find a company that charges only a commission on sales, with no up-front costs. Select a company that PAYS YOU the profit based on the retail price, minus the commission they deduct at sale. For paperbacks and hardbacks there will also be a printing cost. Both will be known pre-sale, to be agreed to by you.

Click here for more details on printing your book.

Question: Are all print-on-demand self-publishing companies the same?

Answer: Disclaimer: The above are based on the author's experience of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and may vary with other companies. Use for general guidance only.

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