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Feel-Good Fiction

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Why Feel-Good Fiction?


Author John Morey has several novels released through Amazon, within which the type - or 'genre' - of each book has to be specified. Categorised.

Given that most of his stories feature characters falling within the age range of late teens to middle thirties, 'New Adult' is the most appropriate.

However, most of the titles under this label seem to be dystopian, which hardly fits most of the themes running through series, such as 'Love should never be this hard'.

But all his poems and stories tend, by and large, to include a feel-good factor.

Feel-Good Fiction - Key Elements

The risk here is that the tone could become too saccharine; too 'nice'. 
There still needs to be threat, danger, misfortune, tragedy - an 'edge' and, therefore, a reason for the story.

There needs to be balance from which 'a satisfactory outcome' emerges.

That said, it all has to be presented to you, the reader, leaving you with a sense of well-being and resolution.

Categorising fiction - shortcomings


What is most irritating is a bookseller 'lining you up' with authors, or types of fiction, with a totally different 'approach'.

For instance, Morey's romantic novels don't include explicit sex or violence, or bad language. It's therefore inappropriate to see, say, 'Finding Rose' etc next to a book cover showing scantily clad couples.

But that's the nature of the beast and, one would hope, the reader chooses the more tasteful cover if not looking for a 'bodice-ripper'.

Feel-Good Fiction can still be serious


Maybe 'serious' is the wrong word but, without becoming too academic or overly literary, Morey's novels tend NOT to treat romance in a trivial manner.


He hopes the characters and the situations he addresses resonate with the reader, perhaps even rekindling distant or even not so distant encounters.

A perfect example could be The Sign of the Rose. Give it a try.

Feel good with horses and the writings of J S Morey

Horses and feel-good are a perfect match for most people - and feature in The Sign of the Rose.

Those Italian Girls is set in Tuscany. a natural choice for the perfect escape. Setting can be a main reason for buying a book.

Romantic novel writing with a twist
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