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Here are links to the following poems :

About Life

The Gift of Friendship

The Runaway

School Daze

Summer Girls

The above are published in READ MY SHORTS


About Trees and Life

The above link takes you to'Wood-Spirit' - a celebration of trees, spirituality and life, including an illustrated edition.

Trees covered are:

The Hawthorn; The Oak; Willow; Yew; Sycamore; Beech; Silver Birch; Rowan; Holly; Alder; Ash; Larch and more...

Try writing poetry to release your thoughts and creativity

Image courtesy of Nicolsa Messifet and Unsplash

Try writing poetry

In my Blog section I address writers' block and ways to overcome it.

Like all remedies for sickness, it depends on how ill you are as to whether or not they work. Likewise, some medicines work for one person but not for another.

Next time you have 'WB', give yourself half an hour to at least start a poem.

You'll notice that my poems rarely rhyme; it makes it easier plus, you place your effort into poetic thought and description. Not line endings.

If you stop after half an hour, you can always finish it later when more ideas present themselves.

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