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Summer Girls

In his song, Pretty World,
Sam Baker speaks of Summer Girls.

As soon as I heard it – the phrase, that is,
Which was just before I first sang the song myself,
I knew what he meant.

But, to the audience sat before me later,
To whom I sang (Pretty World),
I felt compelled to explain the phrase (Summer Girls)
In case they didn't understand.

Or perhaps you, my friend, are not sure.

The phrase itself suggests warmth,
Whether from the summer, or from the girls,
Or from both.

The idea certainly purveys that, at least for me
Albeit too rarely, or too briefly,
Or both.

For me, those Summer Girls were real,
As was the warmth
Even though names, faces - even places -
May be forgotten, faded, or lost to memory;
Lost to circumstance.

And, can we be clear, we are talking here
Of relationships and friendships,
Of connections and reflections,
That were platonic
Rather than 'sonic'?

That is to say - if I can put it delicately -
Which most Summer Girls were
And should be, 
They embraced respect and honesty of purpose.

If brevity, intensity and love in combination
Equal sweetness, joy, and hope...
Then Summer Girls would need
No explanation.

Should there happen to be one who means more
(Hopefully, only one)
And lasts the winter and many seasons thereafter.

Then this is dedicated to you
My love.

Copyright John Morey  © 2022

Sam Baker - singer, songwriter - poet

(Awaiting copyright clearance for image of Sam Baker)

Listen to PRETTY WORLD by Sam Baker, here...

The music and poetry of Sam Baker appeals to all ages  - including Millennials. I know this because Sam's music was introduced to me by our boy, Matthew, who was blown away by Sam's 'Say Grace'.

In fact. Matthew and I saw Sam perform at a theatre on The Barbican in Plymouth a few years ago, appearing with Carrie Elkin - superb in harmony with Sam, and on acoustic guitar. A memorable evening.

The two lines in Pretty World that inspired my poem are:

"Before the sound of your footsteps
Fades away like summer girls"

It's the idea that, when we were young (at least in my case) we might meet someone during the summer break from school, and the relationship is fleeting. For whatever reason, it didn't last. Days or weeks, at most.

Holiday romances might be typical of this, but it's not confined to those occasions.

The real significance lies in the fact that feelings might burn fiercely for a time, sometimes long after separation (in spite of promises to remain connected and meet again next month, next year!), and even linger in some shape or form for years thereafter. Even a lifetime.

And although fine detail of events are irrecoverable many years into the future, there are still embers glowing which retain the essence of those bitter-sweet encounters.

For more about Sam Baker, visit his website, and sample his songs on Youtube. Among my favourites are Waves, Iron, Cotton and Isn't Love Great.

For more of my poems try my book READ MY SHORTS.

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