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The Gift of Friendship

How many gifts 
That you've received
Do you still have?
Do you still use?

Do you still enjoy?

Not many I would guess
If meaning shirts or blouses,
Or sweaters, chocolates, perfume,
Socks, play stations - or ties.

Ties? Yes, 
I hope you can name many
Ties of the friendship kind,
Old friends; old ties.

Ties? Yes, 
But please, not chains;
Not obligations (like some family)
Nor debts (emotional or material).

After all I did say, above,
'Gift's... you still enjoy'.

Think for a minute 

About gifts received

At birthdays and such - 

Once enjoyed, but now gone.

Then consider friendships - 

That are enjoyed. Still.

We may 'unwrap' friendships 
Received years before; 
In thought. 
So we may again (years later)
Each time another friendship
Is called to mind.

Those memories are gifts;
Those gifts are memories
Received over and over...
Every time we 'open' 
Thoughts of friends.

To have received it once 
Was special;
Continuing to hold it dear
Or rediscovering it later -
A blessing.

But that's not all.
Unlike any other,
Each gift is unique.

Copyright J S Morey 2022

The author John (left) and Melv, who fell through the ice


The author with a best friend of over 70 years.

The author writes:

"I dare say the most precious thing we squander may not necessarily be the friendships we cast aside - they seem to be part of a natural process - lost as we move on through life.

Social evolution, you might say.

I have found great joy in reconnecting with old friends after a silence of well over forty years - and to find the friendship still as strong.

But the real loss would be if we forgot the kindnesses bestowed upon us, by friends who have passed, or who we never get to hear from again."

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