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Wild Hearts Come Home

Sometimes you don't even know you're lost until you find what...?

Book 2 in the revisionist western romance novels by J S Morey from the 'WILD HEARTS' series

Wild Hearts Come Home - new pioneers face the new wild west in Wyoming


This girl is a long, long way from home before she discovers who she is and where she really belongs.

How many of us have experienced that feeling?

How many are lucky enough to discover life holds more for us than we ever imagined?

Two people find each other...

but what else may be out there?

Rare though it may be, how many of us follow our heart even when common sense warns us to hold back? Cautioning us to wait, to let opportunity slip by - perhaps to be lost forever?

This girl, Polly, and Jake - the young man she loves - embark on a romantic adventure. They want more out of life. It starts in rural Leicestershire and ends...or should we say really the wild grasslands of 1960's Wyoming.

They don't rein back on their ambitions, venturing into the vast unknown with confidence, always sensing there is a guardian watching over them.


But does it have the divine power to protect them both unequivocally? Or maybe just one of them?

There are no guarantees.

Enjoy this adventure with them and the friendships they forge along the way. Join them as they face adversity, deep happiness and sadness, some tragedy but, above all, fulfillment.

And you decide...

Did they make the right decision?

Similar to its forerunner, WILD HEARTS ROAM FREE, Book 2 in the series embraces the pioneer spirit that still broods invitingly within one of the most spellbinding regions of America.


It draws in characters and aspects - even real events and well-held myth and legend - from the Lakota Sioux culture, embracing its spirituality, origins and heritage that, hopefully, will continue to bless a land striving to regain freedom for all - still, in the 1960s and a century after The Battle of Greasy Grass.

This revisionist western story is pure fiction with a romance, containing some foundations in truth, celebrating a noble Native American Nation.

From the author whose great grand-father, Henry David Morey, was privileged to receive Chief Sitting Bull as a guest in the town of Exmouth, Devon (!). Over 120 years later, that visit has inspired this fictional account set in a land where he once very nearly settled, to call home.

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