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The Coal-miner's Son -  a short story

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I was inspired by a poem by Robert Frost for this one - at least as far as seeing the vision by the lake is concerned - but there the similarity ends. Coupled with that, I have been a lifelong fan of The Everley Brothers, John Prine, and more recently by Patti Lovelace's version of the haunting 'You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive' .

The settling of English, Scottish and German immigrants into Kentucky and that part of America has always fascinated me. A lot of this is anchored in the influence they had on the music that developed there - which became known as 'Bluegrass'.

In exploring new locations for my writing I learn a lot, through research. For instance, I had no idea that the Scots had such a fine reputation as smelters of iron ore. But when you consider the bridges they built in Scotland, and their shipyards, I guess its not surprising.

This is yet another love story which I hope you enjoy.

Coal-miners son - set in Kentucky

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