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Finding Rose - a Classic Love Story by John Morey

Heartwarming romantic fiction with believable characters and a happy ending

Finding Rose - by romance novelist John

Excerpt from a review of Finding Rose - 'Love should never be this hard' 

"I picked this book as I enjoy books that are easy reading, romance. This didn't disappoint.

Once I started it I found it hard to put down as it covered the area in Devon where I live. I could almost feel myself in the story as the description of places were so familiar.

Lovely read, I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a happy ending. 


Finding Rose is not just a love story - it's a quest. Who knows what you'll find? True - you will discover how two people embarked on a journey without knowing how, or where it would end. Rose is the love of his life. Would they survive?

But what about you, Dear Reader? Is it the story of a quest YOU may have taken. What will you discover about yourself, about your own life, about those you have touched... or loved?
In the tradition of Wuthering Heights, The Thorn Birds, Tess of The D'Urbervilles to...and, oh I wish, The Notebook... you may just have to take the plunge and find out for yourself. 

'Love should never be this hard' the sub-titles reads - but it very often is. So what will you learn from this romantic story? Maybe clues on how to examine your own life based on what you have learnt already? on what you need to understand to make it even better?

But don't expect to be told what to do or how to navigate your own romantic journey. Just learn the lessons that are here - if you need them. When you need them.

Alternatively, perhaps there is something you could teach John and Rose based on your own similar experiences?

As in all romance story plots, nobody knows the answers to all the questions. Otherwise novels like this would never be written, let alone read. You be the judge. 

Like all of life's journeys, as well as being a memorable one, so are the locations and events outside of the main story. These are introduced and explored - enough to be interesting, but not too much so as to slow the pace. (You can read about Blaby - The Lost Village, here.)

In the author's own words, this is 'Classic storytelling from an author toned by the seasons; stories written with the passion and freshness of a teenager.'

Mill Lane and The Ford in Blaby still survive - and they still flood (!), just as they have done for centuries. The Farm, unfortunately, is now residential housing, whilst The Baker's Arms is now a 'posh pub'.

All these landmarks will have witnessed romantic episodes such as this one before and, doubtless, will so again - as long as the march of progress allows them to survive.

You can begin reading, free, revised edition.

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