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Self publishing made easy

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

First, let me put your mind at rest - although I am directing you towards Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon, they are NOT paying me to write this.

The bottom line is, simply, they made it easy FOR ME. You could also say 'Self publishing made easy COULD SAVE THE PLANET'.

Here's how and why.

Having written my first novel - Finding Rose - within six weeks - I was able to publish it in e-book format the following week and the week after I had it available in paperback.

My second book, Rose: The Missing Years, was completed and published in similar fashion.

(Enjoy a free introductory read here.)

But there are additional benefits for which I was grateful, that are not available using conventional publishing.

(And here comes a confession.)

Immediately after initial publication - and even after exhaustive copy-editing, re-reading and rewriting - I had need to carry out amendments, including some re-formatting. Thanks to Kindle, I was able to execute these changes immediately on my laptop, then feed them into the Kindle process for them to become 'live' within hours.

Imagine the different scenario in the 'old days' of publishing when a few thousand would already have been out there, with the opportunity to make changes not possible until the reprint stage.

OK, so the changes I decided to make were minor and mainly cosmetic, but think of the benefits if you are publishing a time-sensitive book that requires regular updating and revision to remain 'current'. Moreover, in this era of mindfulness towards reducing waste, consider the upside of not having unsold copies becoming landfill. Massive!

Self publishing made easy

At this point I should explain myself more fully, which is why I would encourage you to read what I have to say about starting out for the first time and, even if you're a seasoned writer, the benefits of self publishing for eBook and going to print (in paperback and hardback) without up-front costs.

I am so confident in this approach, and more-so after I realised the new maxim should not just be Self Publishing Made Easy, but 'Self-publish and save the planet'.

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