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Updated: Feb 8

(Even if not, it's surely the most enjoyable.)


That's not exactly true - I actually went to bed LAST NIGHT suffering. But why was I having such a 'buzz' this morning - actually looking forward to tackling the blight for all creative writers? WRITERS' BLOCK.

Simple. To counter 'WB' I decided to launch into a 'R-W'! (A re-write!)

Here's the situation.

I am about 15,000 words into my next novel and, to be honest, it's 'fading' and, guess what - so am I (!) - plus, as my copy-editor would say - it's 'lacking in colour'.

So - I've identified the causes (Ha! It's me!); my next step is to address both of these shortcomings - AND - overcome writer's block in the process by reviewing and re-writing what I've already created.

Write without fear - Edit without mercy
Write without fear - Edit without mercy

Q: How and why does this writers' block-buster work?

A: First, it's an enjoyable process with the stress taken out of it; Second, you - and the reader - end up with a better, much improved experience.

The method is simple.

Write without fear - Edit without mercy - Best solution to Writer's Block.

We all dread - and fear - writer's block so, what better way to make it go away than to apply (at least in my opinion) one of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of the whole writing process - the re-write.

Some would say that the 'edit without mercy' has another side to it. It can have another side if you consider that 'the block' is the enemy, and that you're taking revenge by editing the heck out of your previous draft.

(OK. So I'm letting my imagination run away with me just a bit. But you catch my drift: 'Open up your shoulders and take a swing at it.')

And, one further note of joy: if the idea of a total re-write sounds a tad daunting, set yourself the gentler task of just an edit - instead - even if it's only in parts.

It will still improve what you've already written, and should also address 'The Block'.

It could even prove to be the best solution to writer's block. Who knows, unless you try it?

(More about writer's block, here) (and about re-writes.)


and it's a true story.

Bad reviews lead to better creative writing

You may already have heard me mention elsewhere about what action I took after receiving an awful review on Amazon from 'Sam' regarding 'Those Italian Girls'.


Well, according to Sam, the novel was 'Terrible' and 'Not worth reading even if it's free'.

Was I shocked? - Yes.

Did I go off in a sulk? - Uhhh.... no. Not after I'd calmed down.

Did I pull the book? - No.

Instead, I re-wrote it. And re-released it, announcing this 'New, revised, expanded edition' to my email list and wherever else I could promote it.

But there was another real bonus...

I actually enjoyed the re-write. The shackles were off; what could I lose?

So I 'wrote without fear and edited without mercy.'

And the best part? I fell in love again with the book, relishing the opportunity to adjust the storyline, add more description to some scenes where needed, and breathe more colour into some of the characters.

Restore your confidence in your own creative writings

As I explained above, I enjoyed reading my own book again and, even though I responded positively to Sam's 'one-star' comments, I didn't actually agree with what he said and how he said it - but I was still thankful for the criticism.

Kindle Direct Publishing

P.S. It also demonstrates the advantage of publishing through KDP. You can edit and republish instantly. Immediately after your revisions.

One day one of these short stories may grow up to become novels...take a peek.

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