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Now read the full story beyond The Violin Case

Those of you who enjoyed the short story The Violin Case will find the second book in the series 'Love should never be this hard' a real treat for your romantic emotions.

As part of  the latest novel in the series, this is now part of the sub-plot in the latest book -  depicting village and gypsy life in 1960s Leicestershire, in the village of Blaby.

Featuring some of the characters from John Morey's romantic novels - The Sign of the Rose; Rose: The Missing Years and Finding Rose - the new novel fills the gap between the first two stories..

The story line is made all the more real it takes place in Blaby, Wigston and Guthlaxton Grammar School, capturing some of the characters - fictionalised, of course - who graced those village communities before and after WWII and into the 1950's and 1960's.


As a 'New Adult' novel - like the other books in the series - it also provides an emotional nostalgic trip for ladies aged 25 and over, as well as a grounding for those in their teens and early twenties.

Make sure you read a free excerpt HERE of the full story - THE BLACK ROSE OF BLABY.

Black Rose of Blaby - dancing maidens and standing stones and love for four village lads
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