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Rose: The Missing Years - a love story that shocked Blaby

From the New Adult series 'Love should never be this hard' by John Morey

Rose The Missing Years by romantic novel

This bridge over the River Sence takes you along the 'Jitty' from Mill Lane to Wigston Road when The Ford is flooded.

River Sence - near The Ford Blaby off Mi
The County Arms replacing The Union Inn

'Rose: The Missing Years' covers the period in 'Finding Rose' after she disappears from John's life to take up with Sean, and to have her daughter, Mathilda (Tilly).

This novel can be read first, after which you may wish to read 'Finding Rose' to discover how Rose's life unfolds - and with which partner - Sean or John. 

These missing years provide a warm insight into how all three main characters – Rose, John, and Sean – cope with the complexities of emotions and circumstances that beset them, leading to events in 'Finding Rose'.

Set predominantly in a former Viking settlement in Leicestershire - the village of Blaby - you will enjoy references to its rich heritage and history.


Much of this, however, is either forgotten or has never been recorded elsewhere but here, in this novel and those in the series.

The County Arms - venue for top bands in      the 1960s - just outside Blaby

Likewise, Rose's walks along the banks of the River Sence remind us of what a pleasant countryside is there to be treasured along Mill Lane, The Ford and The Jitty.

Much of the story takes place in and around the village of Blaby near Leicester, such as the junction of Hospital Lane and Welford Road, below.

Whilst events are totally fiction, authentic settings lend a reality to heighten reader's experience as well as depth to each scene. 

Like 'Finding Rose', it remains a work of romantic fiction with a thread of mysticism woven throughout, embedded in imagined Romani culture. The author uses real locations to bring it to life.

Later, as the story takes us to the West Country and Plymouth, we are presented with a world where social, cultural and economic change is an everyday occurrence.

As such it is played out against a 1960's background of optimism and progress, where the main characters are presented with unexpected opportunities and situations that shape their futures.

Hope is the key guiding principle upon which Rose, John and Sean shape their individual dreams, sharing them with you.

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Hospital Lane Blaby leading to The Cotta
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