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Rose's Song - a scene from Rose: The Missing Years

Play this unique song written and performed by Devon-based songwriter, 'Milly'

Rose's SongArtist Name
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Finding Rose - by romance novelist John
Rose The Missing Years by romantic novel

I'm not about to reveal the story to you, but.... click on the Play button (opposite, left, above the book cover) to listen.

It's from a section in the follow-up novel to Finding Rose - called ROSE - The Missing Years - where our heroine is parted from.... is it John? or is it Sean? (you'll have to buy the book to find out, sorry) ... and launches into this song.

Imagine the scene as you are sat with her close family gathered around the gypsy camp fire and Rose, picking up her guitar, starts to strum the first chords of a song she has just written.

Then she begins to sing. Along with her Mum, Auntie, and associated cousins, your heart melts as she pours out her emotions with the voice of an angel.

Is Rose real? or is she just a figment of the author's imagination? Make up your own mind as you hear 'Rose' sing her own song.

Check out Rose's other songs - Time - about how she is missing John in The Missing Years... and Last Mistake - which deals with Rose's relationship with Sean!

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