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'Dark Eyes' is now part of 'Finding Rose'

... meanwhile, here's your FREE READ >>

Dark Eyes eludes the young village lad in pursuit of his dream girl

The full 'what happens next?' following this prequel to the parallel stories within 'Rose: The Missing Years' and 'Finding Rose' is available in paperback on Amazon and in Kindle version.


Meanwhile, enjoy this run-up to the main story told in both books, part of the 'Love should never be this hard' series.

This tale of romance and mystery takes place in the village of Blaby, in rural Leicestershire at the end of the 60s - when The Fairway was The Tomato Farm..


If you are from that beautiful area south of the county, you will recognise local landmarks and locations, as 'Mill Lane' become 'memory lane', and as fantasy meets reality.

Links to the titles below will take you to a page where you can read a brief excerpt before you decide whether or not to buy...

The Sign of the Rose - Book 1

The Black Rose of Blaby - Book 2

Rose: The Missing Years - Book 3

Finding Rose - Book 4

Love should never be this hard -

Books 1 to 4 in one volume

Those Italian Girls

Wild Hearts Roam Free



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