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Quick and Easy Social Distancing for Covid-19 Coronavirus

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Covid 19 Coronavirus has brought a new sense of self-awareness to public space indoors and outdoors - at least it should have done. For many people it has now become automatic to adopt the required or recommended social distance whilst shopping in Asda or strolling down Fore Street in St Ives, Cornwall.

But not everyone is following the rules. Perhaps we should have a new measure to make it easier to understand. What about introducing the 'Covid'?

What is a 'Covid'? Well, read on...

Simply put, if the rule is to stay 2 metres apart (or 2 yards apart in the USA) - then 'keeping one Covid apart' would mean keeping 2 metres (or yards) apart in that environment.

This unit of measure for Covid-19 coronavirus social distancing can be adopted internationally, e.g. in countries where the local regulation dictates you keep one and a half metres apart, then 1 covid = 1 1/2 metres, in that context.

Why bother? What's wrong in saying '2 metres' or whatever?

My answer to that is, 'why did we ever bother calling a three feet measure a yard? why didn't we just say three feet'? There was a practical reason.

In marketing terms you would call it branding. You are introducing a purpose for the 2 metre rule. You are reinforcing the reason behind the regulation, hopefully reminding people why it is being imposed.

P.S. And for those who still don't believe we should stay TWO metres apart where possible, just read the stats on reduced risk.

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