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Romantic fiction and must-read mystery romance novels 

Romance Books by New Novel Writer J S Morey 
Feel-good reads to rival the most popular classic love story

Discover the new genre of bestselling romance that tell a good love story - books to entertain, inform, treating love with sensitivity and respect.

Available in e-book and printed versions on Amazon, or as four good read romance novels published separately.

Join the romantic journey of two families with Book 1 - 'The Sign of the Rose'It's Ireland in the late 1800's. A Romani family flees persecution, crossing to Devon where they unite with distant relatives. Britain is booming.

Overcoming the journey's challenges - encountering brigands, wreckers and highwaymen - two young lovers follow  read more of Book 1 here...

Then there are Those Italian Girls - a collision of cultures and minds with a murder mystery central to their futures together and to the ones they choose. Set in the Tuscan town of Volterra, more here...

** "I use Amazon Prime for free postage and Kindle Unlimited for free eBooks"

** Most of my books are on Amazon - printed and eBooks. Subscribe to Amazon Prime to buy post free or often totally free as digital versions if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. Links take you to full descriptions of additional benefits.

The small print: My main aim is to make my books as inexpensive as possible to buy.  I do have to say I earn a small commission if you do subscribe. Thank you.  - John Morey **

Revisionist western fiction with a touch of romance

Revisionist western with a gentler tone - Wild Hearts Roam Free and 'Come Home'


Like most authors, J S Morey hones his craft writing short stories. Here are some of these 'read in a sitting' tales:

Three Easy Pieces features two 'feel-good' short stories plus a haunting tale based on myth and legend on Dartmoor - a legacy from which, if it is true, still exists today (in the beast of Dartmoor?).

Unresolved? is a mystery romance short story with an unsolved death on a honeymoon for which the truth emerges years later.

Read My Shorts introduces poetry with a message, and beguiling short stories to read at a sitting.

About the Author - J S Morey

You learn a lot about a person by following their roots. Read about the early life and influences on J S Morey that shaped his writing here...

Modern pioneers in Wyoming feature in Wild Hearts Roam Free and Wild Hearts Come Home with a mixture of a romance novel and revisionist western fiction genres.

With events that take place 100 years after The Battle of Greasy Grass, the influence of the Lakota Sioux is still in evidence. It is central to the life and fortune of the young English immigrants looking for opportunity, adventure, and identity.


But what else awaits them...?

Both blend a classic love story into the revisionist western novel with the complexity of 'Lonesome Dove' and 'Dances with Wolves' but without the brutality and cynicism of 'Yellowstone'.

J S Morey is a romantic fiction writer but with a keen interest in revisionist western novels. Read more here...

Check on Amazon for the full list by searching for J S Morey.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: 'If you also yearn to write but are not sure where to start, maybe the following will help.'

How to write fiction

Read 'How to become a novelist' for a quick and easy start to writing your own book.

Visit our blog pages, learn how to write efficiently and quickly to finish your book in record time. Overcome writer's block and see why reading and rewriting your own novel and the use of a copy-editor leads to quality.

Self publish your own novel

Finished writing your first novel and wonder how to publish it?

Check out the books opposite as examples of self-publishing using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Publishing your own e-book can cost nothing; a paperback can cost you no more than the single unit cost to print and deliver.


Book 2 in the Love should never be this hard - 'The Missing Years'
Wild Hearts Roam Free where new pioneers find adventure in Wyoming in this revisionist western
Wild Hearts Come Home by J S Morey


Short stories and poems with a message - plus a touching memoir
Three Easy Pieces  - short stories to read in a session - two love stories and one haunting mystery on the moor

READ MY SHORTS                                  THREE EASY PIECES

Those Italian Girls beguile and bewitch the boys in this classic romantic drama
Unresolved murder mystery on honeymoon in St Ives

THOSE ITALIAN GIRLS                         UNRESOLVED?

Book 1 in the saga Love Should Never Be This Hard - Sign of the Rose
Book 2 in the saga Love Should Never Be This Hard - Black Rose of Blaby


Finding Rose - the Book 4 finale in Love Should Never Be This Hard - a classic romance
The Missing Years - Book 3 in the romantic fiction series Love Should Never Be This Hard

FINDING ROSE                                     ROSE: THE MISSING YEARS

Wood Spirit - the meaning of the trees in the British countryside
Blaby - the open brook on Sycamore Street

WOOD-SPIRIT                         BLABY - THE LOST VILLAGE

Braver New World


Happier - Healthier - Wealthier - Greener LIFE-WORK BALANCE 
New Recipes for Life by J S Morey

What’s it all about?

It’s now a cliche, but... ‘if you enjoy what you’re doing (to make a living) you never have to work a day in your life’.

Whilst the author cannot deliver that promise, this blueprint describes a world in which you stand a better chance going to work on your terms.

With that in mind you are treated to a

range of scenarios - work-life balanced models - that enable you, your familyand community to fulfill your destinies enjoying less stress, less fatigue, more energy, in better health combined with a lifestyle providing riches of a spiritual kind together without sacrificing material wealth - if that is still your main aim.

Who would deny you all that? 

In this 'how-to' recipe for life - you're in control.

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